Friday, 5 April 2013

Instagram #4

1. Throw back Thursday. 2009. The day my sister graduated. Very proud little sister. 
2. One of my Christmas presents from my sister was tickets for Hairspray the musical. Amazing musical I would recommend going to see it. 
3. Just me. 
4. A purchase from the new look sale. 
5. Presents from the sister. Paris box from Store21, Candle from Store21, Revlon Girlie nail polish, Relvon nearly naked foundation, Barry M mascara and No7 face wipes. 
6. Saturday night calls for pizza and garlic bread. 
7. POTD - Products of the day. 
8. Nandos date with the sister. 
9. POTD - Products of the day.
10. Warm chocolate fudge cake for my mams birthday. 
11. POTD - Products of the day.
12. Simple Sunday face and jumper. 
13. Dinner with the sister. BBQ Chicken panini
14. New York city chic. Top £4 Primark. 
15. Just me. 
16. One away from winning a car. How exciting ;) 

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  1. Love the Primark T :) Did your sister go to Sunderland Uni?