Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Instagram #5

My name is 'Lottie and I take far to many Instagram pictures!!

1. 'The happiest of people don't necessarily have everything; they just make the best of everything that comes along their way. Happiness lives for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched,and those who have tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives'. 
2. 'Step into my shoes and walk the life I'm living and if you get as far as I am, just maybe you will see how strong I really am'. 
3. Throw back Thursday - Skyfall premier. Me and Adam Johnson. 
4. New top. 
5. New dress.
6. Off to the west end of the north east to see Joesph and his amazing technocoloured dream coat. 
7. Throw back Thursday - My 18th birthday.
8. Promise, Love, Provoke, Direction, Good luck. 
9. 'People will question all the good things they hear about you but believe all the bad without a second thought.' 
10. 'I have decided that I no longer want to be an adult ... if anyone needs me I will be in my couch cushion fort ... colouring'.   
11. I live in this cardigan.  
12. New tattoo healing nicely.
13. Throw back Thursday. Spongebob cake for my 18th.
14. Throw back Thursday. My 18th birthday cake. 
15. International sibling day. Love you Stacey ♥. 

1. New dress. 
2. Cardigan out again. 
3. Crappy day. 
4. Waiting for Joesph to start. 
5. Amazing desert shared with the sister. 
6. Casual OOTD. 
7. The difference in 16 weeks.
8. New purchases. 
9. The cardigan again :p.  
10. 'Fake friends believe in rumors, Real friends believe in you'. 
11. New tattoo. 
12. Just me. 
13.'Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Fall in love. Regret nothing and don't let people bring you down'.
14. Nail caviar. 
15. My lovely sister :). 

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