Tuesday, 5 March 2013

50 facts about me

I have seen this tag floating around YouTube for some time now and thought to myself there is no way I can think of 50 facts about myself. Ipad notes at the ready I started to list facts about myself and found that once I got going I could think of loads. So here are 50 facts about myself. 

1. I have 1 older sister named Stacey. 
2. My dad is my best friend and role model.
3. My other half is saved as plop face in my phone.
4. I hate worms.
5. My favourite movie is monster inc. Boo is so cute.
6. I only buy vogue when it is on special.
7. I want to meet Ray Winston so he can say, 'You're nicked you slag.'
8. I love a bit of one direction.
9. My dad is responsible for my love of showaddywaddy.
10. I have two tattoos.
11. Being ill scares me. 
12. I won't go to my local bowling alley.
13. Staff at my doctors know me by name.
14. I love penguins.
15. I had a hand made spongebob cake for my 18th.
16. I have a double bed and love to starfish.
17.Learning to drive and being able to do it makes me feel like I have achieved something.
18. My dad calls me tupps and has done ever since I was born. 
19. I hated school.
20. I hate going to the hairdressers.
21. My rabbit died the same day as my grandad.
22. I love paris.
23. I love f1 and Lewis Hamilton is my favourite.
24. My parents are saved in my phone as mammy and daddy.
25. My sister makes amazing brownies.
26. I love the queen and my ipad case has her on it. 
27. I care to much about what others think.
28. I would love to have my own business.
29. Being alone scares me.
30. Being out in the dark scares me.
31. I love quotes. 
32. I have loads of socks but always seem to have flat shoes on.
33. I have had ligament damage five times in my foot. 
34. Sausage beans and chips is my comfort food.
35. My mam makes the best Yorkshire puddings.
36. My nana makes the best bread and scones ever.
37. I have never seen any superhero films.
38. Lee Evans is my favourite comedian and I can resist live at the 02.
39. I could live on McDonald's chips.
40. I'm a mega fussy eater.
41. I have met Adam Johnson and he asked if I was okay and put his arm round me.
42. I went to the north east premier of Skyfall.
43. I love candles.
44. Date night with my sister makes me happy.
45. I know what I want to call my children.
46. I love Instagram. Follow me on instagram - Lottiejxo.  
47. I make an amazing cup of tea.
48. I am 4ft 10 and have been since I was about 13.
49. I own a real McQueen scarf.
50. I own a mulberry purse.

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  1. Lol the staff in my doctors know me by name too :)